Pistus - Projects Tracking

Track every step of your projects to improve efficiency. Monitor progress and communicate with team members directly inside of projects

Pistus - Projects Tracking

Pistus Project Tracking / Ticketing

With Pistus Project Tracking, your entire team will be able to organize and track all your projects and tasks on one easy to use platform.
Create and assign projects and tasks, organize teams and track the entire process in one place. With Pistus ticketing your team members, managers and owners will know where every project is at all times. With tools to help you optimize your production.
  1. Optimize your projects and tasks with ease
  2. Stay on top of tasks ensuring projects are completed on time
  3. Track the average time your tasks take to be completed
  4. Compare Timeframes to ensure your teams are becoming more efficient
Tracking your process with Pistus Ticketing will help you better understand what you can do better as an organization. You can also use this information to ensure you have created the best and most efficient process.

Project Tracking Features

Create projects and tasks
Create your own projects and tasks with Pistus
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Monitor Task Status
Findout the task status with ease
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Analyze average time
Compute the average time duration for the each task and project
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Timeframes comparison
Compare timeframes to ensure your teams are becoming more efficient
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