Create Best Awareness Campaigns to improve Business Revenue

Using Pistus, you can create the best brand Awareness Campaigns, Startup Marketing Campaigns, and Online Marketing Campaigns to improve business revenue.

Create Best Awareness Campaigns to improve Business Revenue

Campaign Structure

Campaign to Improve Business Revenue

Campaigns are a great way to find out exactly what your customers think. The best way to improve your product or service is to get feedback from the people and businesses that use it. With Pistus Campaign, you can create and send multiple surveys and track them all in one place. Once the results are in, Pistus Campaign helps you to organize and manage all of your responses.
  1. Become more efficient
  2. Know where you can improve your business
  3. Know where you excel in your business
  4. Easily manage all your results in one place

Campaign Features

Create and Customize surveys
Create custom surveys that are sent out to clients. Preset question formats allow for consistent and professional campaigns
Test Survey
Manage multiple campaigns
Manage multiple campaigns at any given time under a single dashboard that tracks the number of sent surveys vs. the number of completed surveys
Manage Campaigns

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