Pistus Frequently Asked Questions

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Pistus Frequently Asked Questions

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※ What is Pistus?

Pistus is a collection of powerful tools that you can use to help manage the back-end of your business. We provide Accounting, Payroll, Asset Manager, Marketing Campaigns, Compliance and a sales module called Evolve. These tools integrate and work together in a completely cloud-based system.

※ Do you have customer support?

Yes, Our team is available Monday-Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm CST. Reach out to us for any questions.

※ Can I use Pistus from any computer?

Yes, We are 100% based online. You and your employees have round-the-clock access to Pistus.

※ Is Pistus Secure?

Yes, We use the same security systems that we use to protect our On-Line Taxes (OLT) Tax Software, Which has been in business for over 20 years!

※ Will my employees have access to the program?

Yes, Every employee that is enrolled in Pistus will have a username/password created for them. They can use this portal to submit hours, request time off, manage leads and so much more!

※ Do I have to use other modules to have access to Pistus Accounting?

No, Each part of Pistus is its own stand-alone product. While the systems integrate and Accounting/Payroll work together, these programs work great on their own as well.

※ How many customers and vendors can I keep stored in the program?

You can have unlimited customers and vendors stored as well as their contact and other information for streamlined processes.

※ How much does it cost to allow additional user access?

With Pistus Basic you are given access for up to 3 users. With Pistus Premium Pricing is set per user at $5/user/month.

※ Is there ACH integration?

Yes, You can make payments to vendors with Pistus Accounting through ACH. Through Pistus Payroll you can use ACH to pay employees with direct deposit.

※ Does Pistus Payroll integrate with Pistus Accounting?

Yes, The payroll information is automatically transferred to the Pistus Accounting Module.

※ Can I use Pistus Payroll separate from Pistus Accounting?

Absolutely, Each module of Pistus can be used individually. If you choose to use multiple modules they will work together and integrate to make your job easier.

※ Can I pay 1099 contractors through Pistus Payroll?

You will need to use Pistus Accounting to pay 1099 contractors by check or ACH.

※ How many employees/1099 contractors can I have in Pistus?

With Pistus Basic up to 3 users/employees are included in the monthly plan. With Pistus Premium each employee is $5/month.

※ Can I pay employees with checks or direct deposit?

You will have the choice between both! When setting up each employee you will be able to manually set the payment method.

※ Is it easy to create custom surveys through Pistus Campaign?

Creating surveys through Campaign is as easy as point-click-create. Select from pre-made question formats and fill in the blanks to create professional, comprehensive surveys.

※ Do I have to wait long for survey feedback?

No, Results are updated as soon as the answers have been submitted by your customers.

※ How are the surveys sent to customers?

Once you are ready to send out your survey you will select who the recipients are and the surveys are sent directly from the program.

※ Can I manage more than one Campaign?

Yes, Enjoy the flexibility of managing multiple campaigns with Pistus.

※ Is it easy to know where leads are in the sales process?

Yes, With Pistus Evolve you can track leads on a color-coded hot, warm or cold basis.

※ How do I know who leads are assigned to?

You can assign leads manually to employees, or have leads automatically assigned to certain employees based on factors such as location.

※ Can I track the entire sales process?

Yes, Employees will report information such as what action they have taken to make contact with leads. All of this is available for review within Pistus Evolve.

※ Will my team have access to their leads?

Yes, As part of the employee portals each employee will have access to track and update the lead information within Pistus Evolve.

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